Module 1


Learn Mick Hudson’s methods at your own pace.


The following criteria will be demonstsrated and taught in these lessons.

Selecting a Pup – Genetics
 Nature of pups
 Confirmation of working dogs
 Natural ability
 Endurance of dogs (stamina)
 Presence of dogs on livestock
 Select pups after they start working
 Ages of pups and dogs compared to humans
 What to teach at what age
 Select the best

Bond – Bonding with pup/young dog
 Spending time with pup/young dog
 Discipline and rewarding pup
 Not all pups the same
 How to create a bond with pup
 Single focused handling
 Tone of voice

Reward – No food rewards
 Pup/dog’s association to reward
 Pup/dog’s understanding reward
 Communicate with voice to reward
 Tone of voice, friendly pats
 Reward often

Repetition – Regularly repeat command
 Ask dogs only once
 Obedient dogs
 Initially educate dogs without command
 Have suitable livestock
 Teach dogs several things in a lesson
 Variation in dogs in how quick they learn
 Trainable dogs

Discipline – Leader of the pack
 Many forms of discipline
 Dogs must be disciplined
 No aggression toward other dogs or people
 All dogs are different, need different levels of discipline
 Body position to discipline dogs
 Releasing dogs from pressure
 No voice when disciplining dogs
 Stay calm when disciplining dogs
 Creating ignorance in dogs

Controlling emotions – Stay calm and focused when training
 Mistakes are good
 No signing mistakes
 Finish lesson at right time
 Time and patience important
 Educate dogs with body and training aid
 No voice educating
 No emotions to flow through to dogs
 Better way
 How to finish a lesson