MGH Rabbit Australian dog of the Year 2024

  • Commonwealth Championships Port Fairy  - Open 1st MGH Rabbit, 5th Me Mate Foss, 6th MGH Daisy - Improver 1st MGH Cleo, 2nd MGH Gypsy
  • Commonwealth Championships Australian Open Dog of the Year 1st MGH Rabbit 2024
  • Australian Sheep Dog Championships Koroit Open - 2nd MGH Rosie by 1 point, 5th MGH Snip   Improver - 1st MGH Snip, 3rd MGH Gypsy   Novice - 1st MGH Anna 
  • Stuart Town Man From Ironbark Festival - Open 1st MGH Rabbit, 2nd MGH Rosie, 3rd MGH Gypsy, 4th Echo Park Mel, 5th Hudsons Molly, =6th MGH Anna . 
  • ASDWA Patrons Trial Bungendore Open - 1st MGH Rabbit, 4th Echo Park Mel 
  • NSW Selection Trial Bungendore Open - 1st MGH Rabbit, 2nd Echo Park Mel. 


  • Commonwealth Championships Port Fairy Trans Tasman 1st MGH Rabbit, 6th MGH Cat
  • Australian dog of the Year Port Fairy 2023 - 2nd MGH Rabbit
  • National Championships Hall - 1st MGH Rabbit, Improver 2nd MGH Gypsy
  • Champion of Champions Nationals -1st MGH Rabbit, 4th Ritchies Finn, 5th Echo Park Mel
  • NSW State Championship Molong - 1st MGH Rabbit, 2nd MGH Rosie.
  • Murrurundi Open Trial - 1st MGH Rabbit, 2nd Perangery Marge, 5th MGH Snip
  • Finley Open Trial - 2nd MGH Rosie, 4th MGH Rabbit, Novice 3rd MGH Anna II
  • NSW Selection Trial Bungendore - 3rd MGH Rosie, 6th MGH Rabbit, 7th MGH Daisy
  • Tullamore Sheep Dog Trial Open - 7th MGH Gypsy
  • Eumungerie Supreme Sheep Dog Trial Open - 1st MGH Daisy, 3rd MGH Rabbit  - Novice 4th MGH Anna
  • Trundle Sheep Dog Trial Open - 2nd MGH Tri, 5th Echo Park Mel 
  • Hypro Henty Sheep Dog Trial Open - 3rd MGH Rabbit, Top 20 - 9th MGH Rosie, 20th MGH Rabbit 
  • Morongla Sheep Dog Trial Open - 1st MGH Rabbit 
  • Central West Championships -  1st MGH Rabbit, 4th MGH Cat, 6th MGH Molly, 7th MGH Gypsy 
  • Australian National Field Day Guerie - 1st MGH Rabbit, 2nd Molly, 4th Me Mate Foss, 6th MGH Snip, 7th MGH Daisy, 8th MGH Rosie, 9th MGH Cat, 10th Echo Park Mel 



  • Australian championships Koroit - Open 1st MGH Rosie, 2nd MGH Cat, 4th MGH Tri, 5th MGH Rabbit, 6th MGH Jellie - Novice 1st MGH Jellie, 2nd Me Mate Foss
  • Commonwealth Championships - Open 1st Echo Park Mel - Improver 1st MGH Bella
  • Commonwealth Championship Trans Tasman - 1st MGH Rabbit
    Australian Dog of the Year Port Fairy - 1st Ritchies Finn Improver - 1st MGH Bella
  • Guerie Australian All Round Stock Dog Mick Hudson and MGH Tri.
  • National Championships Hall - Open 2nd Echo Park Mel Improver - 1st MGH Daisy, 2nd MGH Jellie Maiden 1st Me Mate Foss
  • NSW State Championships Molong - Open 2nd Ritchies Finn, 4th Echo Park Mel, 5th MGH Rabbit Improver - 3rd MGH Jellie Novice 2nd Hudsons Molly
  •
  • ASDWA Patrons Trial Bungendore - Open 1st Echo Park Mel, 2nd Perangery Marge, 3rd MGH Cat, 4thMGH Tri, 10th MGH Rabbit, 11th Ritchies Finn
  • Finley Trial Open 1st Me mate Foss, 2nd MGH Cat Novice - 5th Hudsons Molly
  • NSW Selection Trial Bungendore - Open (REP) 1st MGH Rosie, 3rd MGH Rabbit, 4th MGH Daisy, 5thRitchies Finn, 8th MGH Cat
  • Tullamore Trial Open - 2nd Perengery Marge, MGH Jellie, MGH Cat Novice - 1st Hudsons Molly, 6th MGH Gypsy
  • Eumungerie Supreme Trial Open - Echo Park Mel, 2nd Ritchies Finn, 3rd MGH Rabbit, 4th Perengery Marge, 6th MGH Jellie
  • Trundle Trial Open - 1st MGH Rabbit
  • Queensland Championship - Open 1st MGH Rabbit,
    Central West Trial Open - 1st MGH Rabbit, 2nd Echo Park Mel, 3rd MGH Cat, 5th MGH Rosie Improver - 3rd MGH Snip Novice - MGH Gypsy
  • Henty Trial Open - 1st MGH Rabbit, 2nd MGH Daisy, 3rd Ritchies Finn
  • Supreme Australian Championship - Top 10 1st MGH Daisy, 4th MGH Rabbit, 8th MGH Jellie Improver - 1st MGH Jellie, 5th MGH Snip
  • Interstate Challenge NSW - Bill Davidson with Grassvalley Flake and Mick Hudson with MGH Rabbit Won NSW Combined Total score of 473.5
  • Winner of the Interstate Challenge out of the 12 handlers from each state was Mick Hudson and MGH Rabbit on a score of 264
  • Test Series- Mick Hudson Captain of Australia for the Wayleggo Cup, MGH Rabbit was top scoring dog in the test matches with a score of 263.5 Australia against New Zealand, Australia won the Wayleggo cup with a total score of 935.5 over New Zealand’s 892
  • Tasmanian Championships Scottsdale Open - 1st Ritchies Finn, 2nd MGH Rosie Improver - 1st Hudson's Molly
  • NSW Dog of the Year MGH Rabbit and handler of the Year 2022

Since the restrictions of COVID-19, Mick has competed in 33 open events; 28 of those events Mick won, the other 5 he was runner up.


  • National Trial Hall - Champion of Champions - Marong Maddie Open- 2nd MGH Tri, 3rd Ritchies Finn, 5th Echo Park Mel, 6th Marong Debbie Improver - 1st MGH Tri 
  • NSW Championships - 1st Open Ritchies Finn, 3rd MGH Daisy, 6th Marong Maddie - Novice 2nd MGH Jellie
  • Finley Open Trial
  • Barcaldine Trans Tasman - Open 1st Ritchies Finn, 2nd Echo Park Mel, 3rd MGH Tri, 4th Perangery Marge
  • Allpass Family Trial Barcaldine - Open 1st MGH Rabbit, 2nd MGH Rosie
  • Longreach Trial Open- 1st MGH Cat, 3rd Marong Maddie, 4th Perangery Marge, 5th MGH Rabbit, 6th MGH Daisy Improver - 2nd MGH Daisy Novice- 1st MGH Bella, 2nd MGH Jellie
  • Thompson River Trial - Open 2nd MGH Rosie, =3rd Marong Maddie, 5th Ritchies Finn, 6th MGH Tri
  • Charleville Show Trial - Open 1st MGH Cat, 2nd Echo Park Mel, 4th Ritchies Finn Novice - 3rd Me Mate Foss
  • Willowtree Trial- Open MGH Cat, 2nd Perangery Marge, 3rd MGH Rabbit
  • Handler of the year was Mick Hudson with 47 points and runner up dog of the year with Ritchies Finn
  • Due to Covid-19, the rest of the Trials in 2021 had to be cancelled.


  • Australian Championship Koroit - 1st Novice Marong Debbie, 1st Improver MGH Rosie
  • Commonwealth Championship Port Fairy - 1st Open Marong Maddie
  • National Championship - 2nd Open MGH Cat, 3rd Open Echo Park Mel, 6th Open MGH Rosie, 1st Improver Echo Park Mel, 3rd Improver MGH Tri
  • National Championship Top 20 - 2nd MGH Jess, 4th MGH Rosie, 5th Echo Park Mel, 7th Perangery Marge, 19th MGH Cat
  • NSW Championships - 2nd Open MGH Rabbit, 7th Open MGH Cat, 3rd Improver MGH Tri
  • Due to COVID-19 the rest of the trials in 2020 had to be cancelled.
  • Handler of the Year 2020


  • National Sheep Dog Trial - 1st Maiden with Maddie, Champion of Champions and top 20 Finalist with Finn, 5th Open with Rabbit and top 20 Finalist
  • NSW Championships Molong - 2nd Ritchie's Finn, 3rd MGH Cat 5th Perangery marge, 1st Improver Marong Maddie
  • Willowtree - Open 1st MGH Cat, 2nd MGH Girl - Harry Hudson (Mick's Son) 3rd Perangery Marge, 6th MGH rabbit 2nd Improver Echo Park Mel 5th Novice Somerville George
  • Sydney Open Championships - 1st MGH Cat, 3rd Ritchie's Finn 3rd Improver MGH Tri
  • Finely Open Sheep Dog Trial - 1st Ritchie's Finn, 6th MGH Rabbit
  • Bungendore Sheep Dog Trial - 1st Novice MGH Tri, 5th Novice MGH Rosie,
  • NSW Selection Trial 2nd Open Ritches Finn, 3rd MGH Jess.
  • Morongla Sheep Dog Trial- 2nd Improver MGH Tri, 4th Improver MGH Daisy, 2nd Novice MGH Rosie
  • Tullamore Sheep Dog Trial - 3rd Open Echo Park Mel, 1st Novice MGH daisy, 3rd Novice MGH Rosie
  • Henty Sheep Dog Trial - 1st Open Ritchies Finn, 9th Open MGH Rabbit
  •  Golden Collar 2019 - 1st Open Ritchies Finn, Futurity 3rd MGH Cat
  •  Orange Field Day - 1st Ritchies Finn
  •  Handler of the year Mick Hudson, Dog of the year Ritchies Finn


  • Open National Sheepdog Trial - 1st Maiden Trial with Rabbit, runner up with Jess in the national open and Champion Of Champions with Marge
  • Murrurundi - 1st Open with Marge, 1st Novice with Cat
  • Willowtree - 1st Novice with Mel, son Harry runner up with MGH Girl and highest score worker who hasn't won an open trial, Equal 4th with Meg and Finn
  • NSW Selection Trial Molong - 1st with Marge, 2nd with Meg, 3rd with Cat, 5th with Jess, 10th with Mel
  • Trundle Open - 1st with Marge, 4th with Cat
  • Queensland Championship - 1st Open with Finn
  • Narrandera - 1st Open with Meg, 4th Open with Marge
  • Supreme - 1st Open with Rabbit, 4th Open with Cat, Cat won highest scoring dog bred, owned and worked in the open trial with a score of 95.5
  • Representative for Australian Rep Team to compete against New Zealand - Hawkesbury - Perangery Marge was the highest scoring dog in the second test out of both countries with a score of 86 and highest scoring dog for Australia
  • Tamworth Australian Stock dog Spectacular - 1st Open with Finn
    Bredbo - 1st Open with Marge, 2nd Open with Mel and 4th open with Finn
  • Handler of the year 2018


  • NSW Sheep Dog Workers Inc - Handler of the Year
  • NSW Sheepdog Workers Inc - Dog of the Year
  • 1st Bredbo Dogpro Open
  • 1st Neville Dogpro Open
  • 2nd Murrumbidgee Championships
  • 1st , 2nd and 6th Henty Exelpet Open
  • 1st Cobar Dogpro Open
  • Equal 2nd Morongla Open
  • 1st Trundle Open
  • 1st Eumungerie Dogpro Open
  • Equal 1st and 3rd NSW Trans Tasman Selection Trial
  • 1st Place Bungendore Trans Tasman
  • NSW Open Championship Finalist
  • National Open Trial Finalist
  • 1st Commonwealth Championship Open Sheepdog Trial *
  • 1st Commonwealth Championship Trans Tasman Trial *
  • 1st Koroit Open Trial


  • NSW State Championships Molong - 4th Improver Perangery Marge
  • Bungendore Trans Tasman Trial - 2nd Open Richies Finn
  • Eumungerie Supreme - 1st Richies Finn, 3rd Open Wondara Snap
  • Tullamore - 4th Open Perangery Marge, 1st Improver Perangery Marge
  • Selection trial Eumungerie - 1st MGH Jana, 2nd MGH jess, 10th Romlee Leah
  • Central West Championships - 2nd Open MGH Boy, 3rd Open MGH Jess
  • Cobar Trial - 1st Open
  • Placed 3rd, 4th and 7th in the Australian Supreme Open
  • Championships at Northam WA
  • Represented NSW along with Bill Davidson and won the Ted Gaby Interstate Challenge against all other states and bought home the Ted Gaby Shield - Northam WA


  • Handler of the Year for NSWSDWI
  • Won Dog of the Year for NSWSDWI with 3 Dogs on the same top score
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and equal 4th at the Supreme Australian Championships Tasmania
  • Tullamore - 1st Open with Wondara Snap, 3rd Open with MGH Meg, 4th Open With MGH, 3rd Novice with MGH Tip.
  • Dundee Open Trial - 1st Open with MGH Finn, 2nd Open with MGH Boy, 5th Open with MGH Leah 3rd Improver with Coshies Leesa, 3rd Open with Perangery Marge - - Winner of the Celtic Cup - -
  •  NSW State Selection Trial - 1st Wondara Snap, 2nd MGH Meg, 3rd MGH Boy, 5th MGH Jana
  • National Open Champion
  • 1st Commonwealth Trans Tasman Championship


  • National Sheep Trial - 9th open with Wondara Snap, 1st Improver with MGH Jess, 7th Improver with Delrio Teisha,
  • Molong - Fastest Time Open with Henry’s Cue - 7min 44sec, 1st Novice with MGH Meg, 6th Novice with MGH Sol
  • Bungendore - 1st Open with MGH Jess, 2nd Open with Romlee Leah, 3rd Improver MGH Meg
  • NSW Selection Trial - Placed in every Round - Top 20 1st 7th and 19th Top 10 - 9th
  • Tullamore - 1st Open with MGH Jess, 4th Open with Wondara Snap, 4th Improver MGH Meg, u/p Improver MGH Boy, 4th Novice with MGH Boy
  • Eumungerie 2nd Open with MGH Jess, 5th Open with MGH Meg, 1st Improver with MGH Meg, 3rd Novice with MGH Jane
  • Narrandera - 5th Open with Wondara Snap, 1st Improver with MGH Boy, 2nd Improver with MGH Sol, 1st Novice with MGH Jana, 3rd Novice with Hudsons Floss.
  • Bredbo - 1st Improver with MGH Jahna, 4th Novice with Hudsons Floss