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Greg Walton

Thanks Mick, for inviting me to take part in your Working Dog Training Program. As you are aware, I am a yard dog trialler but have a desire to venture into 3 sheep and to do much better in utility trials. I, like most trainers get stuck in old habits of how to train my dogs, without a great deal of thought or reflection on how to improve my methods. My limited experience is also a huge barrier for me and my dogs. What I liked about the interactive approach of the Working Dog Training Program videos and quick response and assessment from you, was that it allowed for continual improvement and quicker positive results. The virtual lessons are a great idea (I am more of a visual learner), as the difference with you explaining a concept over the phone and explaining it watching the video is remarkable.

This coupled with your genuine interest to help during private lessons has seen a huge improvement in my dog and stock handling skills. With your approach to educating dogs and handlers, you provide a fresh set of eyes and ideas of how to improve, taking my dogs to the next level (without the stress that usually accompanies most of my training sessions). What I also really liked, as a user of the Working Dog Training Program, I gained your knowledge and experience of working dogs and sheep all in the comfort of my home. Thanks Mick (my dogs thank you too).

I would like to recognize Bill Robertson for his contribution in the production of my training program.

I would also like to acknowledge Bill for his dedication to researching the history of the border collie and Kelpie working dogs.

A true legend who is sadly missed and a good friend of mine.

Achievements of 2023

National Open Champion

Mick Hudson and MGH Rabbit

NSW State Champion

Mick Hudson and MGH Rabbit

Commonwealth Championship trans tasman

Mick Hudson and MGH Rabbit